Getting a local SIM card when you arrive at Dar es Salaam Airport in Tanzania is a wise decision. It allows you to have cellular and data connectivity right away, so you can use Google Maps to navigate, look up information, and stay in contact with family or accommodations. Here’s what you need to know about finding and using a SIM card at Dar es Salaam Airport.

sim card at dar es salaam airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Dar es Salaam Airport

As you exit the international terminal of Julius Nyerere International Airport, you will come upon a well-marked Vodacom store immediately to your right.

The Vodacom store is conveniently located right at the exit of the arrivals area. Several signs point visitors toward the shop for mobile services. Enter the store and you will find a handful of employees behind the counter ready to assist customers.

vodacom store in tanzania

If Vodacom does not have the package that meets your needs, there are also other SIM sellers located further toward the exit near the taxi stand area. Operators like Tigo, Halotel, and Airtel sell prepaid SIM cards and portable WiFi hotspots. These additional mobile sellers are clearly signposted and offer simiar quick activation services right at the airport.

where to buy a sim card at salaam airport

II. Dar es Salaam Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

Operator Time Volume On-net Calls Price (TZS) Price (USD)
Halotel 24 hours 250 MB (*) TSH 999 ~$0.43
1.5 GB TSH 2,000 ~$0.86
7 days 1.3 GB 40 mins TSH 5,000 ~$2.15
12 GB 100 mins TSH 12,000 ~$5.17
30 days 850 MB 20 mins TSH 4,999 ~$2.15
Vodacom 1 day 70 MB TSH 500 $0.22
7 days 500 MB TSH 3000 $1.29
Tigo 24 hours 70 MB TSH 500 $0.22
7 days 400 MB TSH 3,000 $1.29

III. Things to Have Ready for a SIM Purchase at Dar es Salaam Airport

what to prepare to buy a sim card


Your passport is required for the registration and activation process. Photocopies may also be accepted in some cases.

Tanzanian Shillings

Most kiosks accept cash only in the local currency (TZS). There are ATMs and currency exchanges available at the airport.

Register the SIM card

By law, SIM cards must now be registered with biometric details like fingerprints. You’ll need a passport or ID to complete the registration process.

Be aware of the SIM card limit

Individuals can now only own one SIM per network, unless approved for multiple lines.

Consider data bundles

Purchase a data bundle suitable for your needs, like 500MB for 1 day for 500 TSH. Check bundle inclusions and activation instructions specific to your network.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Dar es Salaam Airport

If you have an unlocked phone with eSIM compatibility, an eSIM offers a convenient alternative to a plastic SIM card:

how benefits you

Faster Activation

eSIMs activate quickly after purchase, getting you online right away at the airport.

Easy Swapping

Switch between eSIMs on one device through an app, no SIM swapping required.

Remote Purchase

Buy a Tanzanian eSIM before arrival and have it set up in advance. International provider like by GIGAGO offers affordable Tanzania eSIM plans starting from 1GB for $5 valid for 7 days. Plans include up to 10GB of data valid for 30 days for only $28.90.

tanzania esim

The eSIMs work on the Vodacom network across Tanzania and allow features like tethering/hotspot. Purchasers receive instant email delivery of the eSIM profile along with setup instructions.


Can I get a SIM card outside the airport?

Yes, you can find Vodacom, Airtel, and other provider kiosks in Dar es Salaam city and other regions. However, the airport kiosks are convenient on arrival.

How much does a SIM card cost at Dar es Salaam Airport?

SIM cards themselves are often free or cost around TZS 1,000-2,000. The main cost is the data bundles you select, which start around TZS 5,000.

Can I get a SIM card at Dar es Salaam Airport without a passport?

A passport is required during the registration process when purchasing a new SIM in Tanzania. A photocopy may work in some cases.

How do I top up/recharge a Tanzania SIM card?

You can top up your SIM at kiosks and shops across Tanzania. Also use mobile banking, ATMs, or scratch card refills for Hassle-free recharging.

Are SIM cards sold at the airport open 24 hours?

No, SIM card kiosks generally operate during the airport’s open hours, from 6 am to midnight. Only pre-ordered SIMs may be available overnight.