Dar es Salaam is the largest city and commercial hub of Tanzania. As more travelers visit this coastal metropolis every year, getting a local SIM card is a priority to stay connected on the go.

This comprehensive guide provides tips and recommendations for buying the best Dar es Salaam SIM card from top mobile operators.

I. Which Mobile Operator is the Best in Dar es Salaam?

There are four major mobile network providers offering prepaid SIM cards for tourists and residents in Dar es Salaam. Here is an overview of their coverage, speeds, prices, and other factors to consider:

OperatorMarket ShareNetwork Coverage4G AvailabilityAverage Data Speed
Vodacom32% (highest)Widest coverage nationwide including Dar es SalaamLaunched 4G/LTE in Dar es Salaam in 2016 on 1800MHzFebruary 2024 – Download: 54.95 Mbps, Upload: 15.24 Mbps
Tigo28%Coverage in Dar es Salaam and other major towns and citiesLaunched 4G/LTE in Dar es Salaam in Dar es Salaam on 800MHzFebruary 2024 – Download: 26.20 Mbps, Upload: 11.91 Mbps
Airtel27%Coverage in Dar es Salaam and major game parks in northern TanzaniaLaunched 4G/LTE in Dar es Salaam and other regions in 2019February 2024 – Download: 54.95 Mbps, Upload: 15.24 Mbps

 Vodacom has the highest market share in Tanzania and also has the widest nationwide network coverage including 4G availability in Dar es Salaam since 2016. While Tigo and Airtel also have good coverage in major areas like Dar es Salaam, Vodacom generally provides the best and most reliable network coverage and fastest data speeds on average.

Therefore, among the top three operators in Dar es Salaam, Vodacom can be considered the best mobile operator currently.

II. Best Dar es Salaam SIM Cards and Cost

If visiting Dar es Salaam, these top operator SIM card options provide excellent service:

OperatorTimeVolumeOn-net CallsPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
Halotel24 hours250 MB (*)TSH 999~$0.43
1.5 GBTSH 2,000~$0.86
7 days1.3 GB40 minsTSH 5,000~$2.15
12 GB100 minsTSH 12,000~$5.17
30 days850 MB20 minsTSH 4,999~$2.15
Vodacom1 day70 MBTSH 500$0.22
7 days500 MBTSH 3000$1.29
Tigo24 hours70 MBTSH 500$0.22
7 days400 MBTSH 3,000$1.29

Vodacom’s Traveler SIM gives peace of mind for connectivity across more remote parts of Tanzania too. But in just Dar, Halotel or Tigo offer faster speeds and better value.

III. Where to Buy a SIM Card in Dar es Salaam

Visitors have two main options to purchase a new Dar es Salaam SIM card:

1. Upon Arrival

At Julius Nyerere International Airport, major mobile operators have desks before exiting the terminals. Here you can buy a SIM, have it activated on the spot, and insert it into your phone. Prices may be slightly higher than in the city but very convenient for using data right away.

2. In the City

For cheaper local rates and bonus bundles, buy a SIM from an operator store or dealer outlet in Dar es Salaam city itself:

For cheaper local rates and bonus bundles, buy a SIM from an operator store or dealer outlet in Dar es Salaam city itself:

  • Vodacom Store – Located in major malls like Sea Cliff Village and Mlimani City
  • Tigo Shop – SIM cards sold at their phone shops in Kariakoo and city center
  • Halotel Kiosks – Found across the city, just look for their purple colors

When purchasing, have your passport ready to register the SIM card. Data/minute packs can also be topped up at thousands of corner shops displaying operator signs.

IV. eSIM for Travelers to Dar es Salaam – a Smart Alternative

If you have an eSIM compatible phone like newer iPhones or Google Pixel devices, purchasing an eSIM in advance is a great option. An eSIM is a digital SIM profile downloaded straight to your phone instead of needing a physical card.

Major eSIM providers like esimtanzania.com offer Tanzania data plans ready to use upon landing in Dar Es Salaam simply by downloading to your phone. Pricing is around $15 for 5GB valid 30 days. This brings flexibility to change plans or use other countries without swapping SIMs. Just note, calls and texts may not work over eSIM.

Plans that may interest you

Tanzania 30 Days - 3GB
Tanzania 30 Days - 3GB
Only $12.50
Tanzania 7 Days - 1GB
Tanzania 7 Days - 1GB
Only $5.00

Don't stress about SIM cards Get an eSIM instead

V. Things to Prepare when Buying SIM cards in Dar es Salaam

To ensure a smooth experience purchasing and setting up your new SIM card in Dar es Salaam, some tips:

  • Have your passport – Required for registering and activating SIM cards
  • Know your phone specs – Nano/micro/mini SIM needed for your model
  • Unlock device – Carrier-locked phones won’t recognize new SIMs
  • Install once outside – First activate outdoors for network connection

Also be sure to ask about activating data bundles or minute packs as plans don’t automatically renew. Top-ups are easily available from street stalls, ATMs, and mobile banking.

VI. Tips and Recommendations When Buying a SIM Card in Dar es Salaam

Tips and Recommendations When Buying a SIM Card in Dar es Salaam

To recap, key suggestions for finding the best Dar es Salaam SIM card:

  • Tigo has best tourist SIM – Lots of data and wider coverage for travel
  • Halotel amazing value – Great speeds and prices for their visitor plan
  • Vodacom most reliable – Strong signals including remote regions
  • Get data packs – Add-on affordable data bundles as needed
  • Use eSIM if available – Download plans remotely to your device

Choosing the right operator and plan for your travel dates and destinations will ensure smooth connectivity across Dar and the rest of Tanzania.

VII. FAQs about Buying a SIM Card in Dar es Salaam

Where can I buy a SIM card in Dar es Salaam?

SIM cards for all the major operators – Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel, Halotel and Zantel – can be purchased from shops located throughout Dar es Salaam as well as street vendors. They typically range from TSH 1,000-5,000 depending on the network and type of SIM card.

Do I need to register my SIM card?

Yes, by law all SIM cards in Tanzania must be registered with valid identification like a passport. Starting in 2020, biometric registration is required where fingerprints will also be taken.

What type of SIM cards are available? 

The major networks offer both regular 2G/3G SIM cards as well as 4G-enabled SIM cards, though 4G coverage is still limited to some areas. Check the network’s coverage map to see if 4G is available where you’ll be using the SIM card.

Do I need a new SIM card for 4G?

Yes, to use a network’s 4G/LTE network you need a SIM card that is enabled for 4G connectivity. The regular 2G/3G SIM cards won’t work for 4G.

Can I buy a temporary SIM card in Dar es Salaam?

Yes, SIM cards are also commonly sold as temporary options valid for 1-2 days for travelers who only need short term connectivity. These can be convenient if you’re only in Dar es Salaam briefly.

How can I add data bundles/packages? 

Data bundles needs to be purchased either via the USSD codes listed on the network website/stores or added directly to your account online. This provides a specified data allowance to use over a period of time.

VIII. Final Words

Getting connected with a local Dar es Salaam SIM card is crucial for ride-hailing, translation help, social media, and mapping during your Tanzanian adventures. With this guide, you now know all the best prepaid SIM options, where to conveniently purchase them, alternatives like eSIM, and tips for saving money on plans. So go ahead and leverage the modern mobile networks in Dar and across Tanzania during your visit!

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