Halotel is one of the leading telcom companies in Tanzania. Over the years, it has grown to become a preferred network for many locals and visitors to Tanzania. For travelers, getting a reliable Halotel SIM card in Tanzania can make a huge difference in their experience. This guide will provide key information on Halotel SIM cards, coverage, speed, cost, etc to help you make the right choice.

halotel sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Halotel

quick facts about halotel
  • Founded year: 2016
  • Full company name: Halotel Tanzania
  • Types of services provided: Mobile, internet, money transfer
  • Number of subscribers: Over 10 million (2022)
  • Coverage: 85% population coverage in Tanzania
  • Estimated number of network of stores, agents: Over 30,000 countrywide

Halotel is the second biggest mobile network operator in Tanzania after Vodacom. Since starting operations in 2016, it has experienced rapid growth in subscribers and network coverage. Halotel is owned by Vietnam-based telecom group Viettel.

II. Why Halotel When You’re Exploring Tanzania – Coverage and Speed

1. Halotel Network Coverage in Tanzania

halotel network coverage in tanzania

Halotel boasts of over 85% population coverage across Tanzania. Its network covers most parts of the country including major cities, highways, tourist hotspots and remote areas. Halotel uses both 2G, 3G and 4G networks to provide voice and data connectivity across the country.

The 4G network is available in all major towns and cities including Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Zanzibar, Dodoma, Mbeya, Mwanza, Morogoro, Tanga and more. Halotel also has extensive 2G coverage in remote villages and rural parts that lack 3G and 4G.

This wide Halotel coverage makes it a convenient option when traveling in Tanzania. You enjoy seamless connectivity whether in populated areas or remote natural parks.

2. Halotel Network Speed in Tanzania

Halotel has a great range of speed plans to choose from, whether you just need basic internet or crave ultra-fast fiber. Their entry-level 10 Mbps plan is perfect for basic tasks like emails and video calls. And their top 1 Gbps fiber plan is super speedy for big families or power users.

Overall, Halotel’s network provides one of the fastest and most reliable mobile internet experiences across Tanzania. The speeds are great for travelers who want fast connectivity for travel apps, maps, video calling, social media and entertainment.

III. Best Halotel SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Halotel offers a wide range of affordable data plan options for customers in Tanzania. Their most competitive plans provide large data allotments for both weekly and monthly periods.

Time Period Data Allotment On-Net Call Minutes Price (TSH) Price (USD)
7 days 1 GB N/A 4,999 2.13
1.3 GB 40 mins 5,000 2.15
3.7 GB 50 mins 8,000 3.43
30 days 2 GB N/A 14,999 6.38
3.6 GB 150 mins 15,000 6.40
6 GB N/A 24,999 10.63
8 GB 200 mins 25,000 10.68
16 GB 300 mins 35,000 14.95
26.6 GB 320 mins 40,000 17.13
60 GB 400 mins 95,000 40.63

Their wide selection of packages and competitive pricing make Halotel a leading provider of prepaid mobile internet in the region.

IV. Does Halotel Support eSIM in Tanzania?

Yes, Halotel provides eSIM services in Tanzania. With eSIM technology, you can digitally activate your mobile plan on a compatible device without using a physical SIM card.

To use Halotel eSIM in Tanzania, you’ll need:

  • A phone or tablet that supports eSIM such as newer iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel models.
  • Download the Halotel eSIM app on App Store (for iPhone) or Play Store (Android).
  • Purchase and activate an eSIM package through the app.
  • Internet connection (WiFi or mobile data) is required to download and activate the mobile plan.

Halotel eSIM works the same as their regular SIM cards. You can purchase data bundles, make calls and texts. Currently, no recurring monthly plans are offered but you can renew data bundles as needed.

eSIM makes it very convenient to stay connected especially if your device doesn’t have a SIM card slot. Activation only takes a few minutes.

VI. Where can You Buy a Halotel SIM Card?

Halotel SIM cards are available countrywide across Tanzania at several outlets including:

  • Halotel branded shops and dealers in towns and cities like Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza.
  • Supermarkets like Nakumatt, Tuskys and Uchumi stores.
  • Petrol stations such as Total, Shell and Engen fuel stations.
  • Local safari tour operators and hotels.
  • Halotel kiosks at airports in Dar, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar.
  • Street vendors and small shops in residential estates.

When purchasing, have your passport or ID ready for registration. Only legal residents of Tanzania can purchase registered SIM cards.

VII. How to Activate Halotel SIM Cards in Tanzania?

how to activate halotel sim cards

To activate a new Halotel SIM card:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone.
  2. Turn on your device and allow the SIM to configure.
  3. You may need to restart the device.
  4. Use mobile data or connect to WiFi then access the Halotel menu by dialing *100#
  5. Select your preferred language then choose SIM registration.
  6. Enter your personal details like passport number as required.
  7. Self-activate the SIM via the menu.
  8. Top up your Halotel SIM to make calls, texts and browse.

VIII. Halotel Call & SMS Rates

Halotel offer competitive call and SMS rates:

Service Price (TZS) Price (USD)
Call Rates
Halotel Bando 17 500 TZS $0.20
Halotel Bando 34 1000 TZS $0.40
Halotel Bando 68 2000 TZS $0.80
Halotel Bando 170 5000 TZS $2.00
Halotel Bando 370 10000 TZS $4.00
Halotel Bando 770 20000 TZS $8.00
SMS Rates
SMS € 0.03000 $0.03180

For international calls, rates start from TZS 550 per minute to USA/Canada and from TZS 799 per minute for other countries like UK, China, India. International bundles are also available.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Halotel SIM Cards

USSD codes allow you to access account services and features directly from your phone. Here are some handy Halotel USSD codes:

Service USSD Code
Check basic balance *102#
Check promotion balance 10201#
Recharge 104pin#
Check register information *106#
Halotel Services 14866#
Activate promotion for handset 14828#
Activate roaming service 150421#
Disable roaming service 150422#
Check Internet balance 14866#
Know my Halotel number *600 #
Internet Activation *150#

Dial these shortcodes directly on your Halotel SIM to check balance, purchase bundles or get assistance.

X. How to Top-up Halotel SIM Cards?

You can top up your Halotel prepaid credit and data bundles using:

  • Halotel App – Fastest way to buy bundles or airtime via mobile payment.
  • Halotel Scratch Cards – Available for TZS 500 to TZS 10,000 denominations.
  • ATMs – Input your number and pay via ATM.
  • Banks/Mobile Money – Over-the-counter top up service at banks.
  • Dealers – Visit Halotel shops and dealers countrywide.

Auto top up can be enabled to automatically purchase airtime or data bundles when balances run low. You can also gift airtime to other Halotel users.

XI. Alternatives to Halotel SIM Cards

Some alternatives mobile operators in Tanzania besides Halotel include:

  • Vodacom – The largest network with over 15 million subscribers.
  • Airtel – Second biggest provider with extensive coverage.
  • TTCL – State-owned with good connectivity and rates.
  • Smile – Data-focused network with high speed 4G/LTE.
  • Zantel – Popular in Zanzibar and coastal regions.

While Halotel has great coverage, other operators like Vodacom and Airtel also offer reliable service countrywide. Compare networks to find the best SIM for your requirements.

XII. FAQs about Halotel SIM Cards

Do I need to show passport/ID to buy a Halotel SIM?

Yes, you need to provide passport or original national ID as proof of identity to register a SIM card in Tanzania.

Can I use Halotel SIM abroad?

Halotel SIMs only provide service within mainland Tanzania. They do not offer roaming access internationally. A local SIM must be purchased when visiting other countries.

Are Halotel SIMs locked?

No, Halotel SIMs are unlocked. They can be used in any compatible phone from around the world, as long as it has a standard size SIM slot.

How long is a Halotel SIM valid for?

Prepaid Halotel SIMs remain active for 180 days from the last recharge or usage. As long as a small action occurs before 180 days elapses, the SIM will not expire.

XIII. Final Words

Getting a Halotel SIM card in Tanzania is highly recommended for smooth internet connectivity and affordable local call rates as you explore the country.

The different SIM options, extensive coverage and fast speeds makes Halotel the preferred network for many visitors. Do your research to find the most suitable SIM or data package for your travel needs in Tanzania.